Ohio Attorney General Office Services For Businesses A Number Of Attorney General's Office Services Help Meet The Unique Needs Of Ohio Businesses, The Old-fashioned Round Pound Coins.

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Brookfield Infrastructure Partners recently won a proxy contest to acquire Inter Pipeline Ltd, another member. The federal government has also signalled its intention to sell Trans Mountain Corp., which is building the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion between Alberta and Burnaby, British Columbia. That leaves ATCO Ltd., Plains Midstream Canada ULC, and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board-backed Wolf Midstream among the largest companies in the organization. This advertisement has hop over to these guys not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Bloomer said the Canadian midstream energy industry is also transitioning and members are increasingly focused on investments in the renewable energy space as building new, cross-country pipeline projects has become more challenging. “I think it was a combination of things. The world is changing. The industry is changing,” Bloomer said, noting that CEPA’s outgoing members are investing more heavily in power generation, carbon capture and storage and hydrogen projects. Beyond a handful of major pipeline projects that are either beginning operations, or set to wrap up construction next year, there are also very few new major pipeline projects proposed within Canada.


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Internship “This is one of the many projects I assisted with.” In addition to the reserve’s anti-poaching team, it also is actively engaged in research to aid authorities in detecting illegally poached rhinoceros horns being smuggled outside the country. While internships are designed to place students in real-world situations related to their field of study, Hill’s environment delivered unique challenges. For example, how does a team sedate and relocate a 7.5-ton male elephant that ventured outside of the reserve’s boundaries and into local communities? “The reserve has a specialized truck with a crane on it for game capture, and we had two helicopters in the air,” Hill said. “It was chaos because the adult male traveled roughly 8 miles outside of the reserve, so we had to travel on public highways. We had this giant elephant sedated and secured to the back of a truck — it was crazy.” After hours of tracking, strategizing and precise maneuvering along the highway, the elephant was returned to the safety of the reserve and fitted with a GPS neck collar to track its movements. To fund these large-scale conservation projects, Buffalo Kloof relies on regulated ecotourism, including photographic safaris and ethical harvesting of designated species. Wild game harvested during these guided hunts is donated to the local Yondella community where the reserve is engaged in multiple community development initiatives, including conservation education, infrastructure improvement and job training. In addition to daily tasks, Hill collaborated with the reserve manager to organize the first Buffalo Kloof Student Conservation Experience. “We accepted eight wildlife students from the U.S. and brought them over for a three-week crash course in the conservation and management of South African wildlife,” Hill said.


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